Arms Trade Treaty


An Arms Trade Treaty will prevent unscrupulous arms suppliers finding loopholes and gaps between different countries’ regulations and laws. The Arms Trade Treaty we want will make sure arms exporters and importers are abiding by the same high standards.

Despite the suffering and poverty fuelled by irresponsible arms transfers, there is still no comprehensive, binding international treaty on the trade in conventional arms. Your film will help correct this.

The Control Arms Campaign is calling on the members of the United Nations to deliver a strong and effective Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). The treaty we want to see is an international legally binding instrument based on states’ existing obligations under international law. It must also be properly implemented in order to reduce the human cost associated with the uncontrolled trade in conventional weapons and ammunition.

A comprehensive and effective international Arms Trade Treaty must be agreed in the shortest timeframe possible to ensure that a more responsible arms trade is in evidence by 2015 – the end date for the MDGs.

An ATT must include criteria for considering whether or not to approve a licence application for an international arms transfer, and must examine the risk of negative impacts on sustainable development.

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